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Puppy Express LLC

     Puppy Express LLC is a family owned full door to door puppy transport and dog transportation service with over 35 years of experience in Licensed Transportation. We are USDA certified and inspected and help puppies everywhere. Puppy Express has been certified Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service by the US Department of Agriculture. Certification is a quality management used to ensure that pet risk management measures and meets applicable standards.


Your new best friend can stretch out in a climate controlled and spacious SUV. Our puppy transportation remains involved in many activities to always help puppies. We are a current member of PAWS and assured that all puppies are sourced from USDA and State Inspected Breeders. We constantly work to help local or national per non-profits.


  •  Full door to door service

  •  Local & long distance

  •  No added fees or hidden charges

  •  No sedation required

  • Ground travel in newer model vehicles

  •  Wellness check every (3) hours

  •  Bottled drinking water always available

  •  Puppies are never left unattended during transport

  •  No breed discrimination - all puppy breeds welcome!

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