About Us

Why Choose Puppy Express:
Our Puppy Transportation Remains Involved In Many Activities To Help Puppies
And Constantly Work To Help Local & National Non-Profits. Call 201-289-6622.
- Family Owned & Operated
- Over 35 Years of Experience in Licensed Transportation
- We Help Puppies Everywhere
- Leading Animal Care Standards (USDA Certified/Inspected)
- Full Door To Door Service - (Local & Long Distance)
- Ground Travel In New Model Vehicles
- Your New Best Friend Can Stretch Out In A Climate Controlled SUV
- Wellness Check Every Three (3) Hours
- Puppies Are Never Left Unattended During Transport
- No Breed Discrimination - All Puppy Breeds Are Welcome!
- Bottled Drinking Water Always Available
- No Sedation Required
- No Added Fees Or Hidden Charges
Puppy Express
Puppy Express
Puppy Express
Puppy Express